Joe Manchin’s America

On Sunday, the Democratic Senator from West Virginia dropped a bombshell. Joe Manchin said he will refuse to vote for any legislation to advance or protect voting rights in America unless ten Republican senators back it as well – an impossibly high bar, particularly at a time when Republicans all over the country are pushingContinue reading “Joe Manchin’s America”

Are the Democrats anti-Israel?

As violence shook the Middle East over the past few weeks, a debate was raging in the United States over American support for Israel. It has seemed to many observers that the Democratic Party is increasingly turning against Israel. This episode breaks down the party’s debate over Israel and argues that less has changed thanContinue reading “Are the Democrats anti-Israel?”

Trump, Biden and Israel (bonus episode)

Just a few weeks ago, former Trump administration officials were still claiming that they had brought peace to the Middle East. But the latest round of violence demonstrates that their approach was deeply flawed and only set the conditions for long-term escalation. Meanwhile, the Biden team has clearly been caught flat-footed, having been distracted byContinue reading “Trump, Biden and Israel (bonus episode)”

Politics of Voter Suppression

In response to the Big Lie – that last November’s election was stolen from them – Republicans are moving to pass voter suppression legislation across dozens of American states, most prominently in Georgia. In this episode I’m joined by former Obama campaign official Karin Robinson to discuss the scariest parts of the voter suppression effort,Continue reading “Politics of Voter Suppression”

Debating Afghan withdrawal

This last week, Joe Biden announced the biggest foreign policy move of his administration so far – a plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan this year. In this episode we talk about the arguments for and against withdrawal, why this isn’t so straightforward of a win for progressives as it might appear, and howContinue reading “Debating Afghan withdrawal”

Biden, savior of global democracy?

All over the world, democracy is in retreat and authoritarianism is on the march. The Biden administration has put the advancement of democracy around the world at the center of its foreign policy agenda. But at the same time, American foreign relations always involves relationships with autocrats and dictators. In this episode we take aContinue reading “Biden, savior of global democracy?”

Southern border blues

Arrivals of migrants and refugees at the southern border are surging – this year could see over two million border-crossers, the highest level in 20 years. The Biden administration inherited a deeply broken refugee admission system from Trump, but it has also made its own choices which are shaping what is happening at the borderContinue reading “Southern border blues”

Where’s the beef? It’s with Uncle Sam

The coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and animal cruelty in industrial agriculture – all are contributing to a growing awareness that something is amiss in our relationship with animals. Meat alternatives have never been more popular. But at the same time, there are enormous headwinds which keep meat on our plates – cultural, political, even ideasContinue reading “Where’s the beef? It’s with Uncle Sam”