Trump vs. the election

Ever since it became obvious that Joe Biden won the election, Donald Trump and the Republicans have been trying to overturn the will of the people and secure another term for their own party. Their efforts have amounted to an all-out assault on America’s electoral democracy. How did one of the two main parties giveContinue reading “Trump vs. the election”

The not-so-special relationship

The British relationship with America has long been known, at least in Britain, as “the special relationship”. But the election of Joe Biden has the British political class, particularly those most committed to Brexit, nervous. After four years of frequent praise and encouragement – if not much actual concrete assistance – from Donald Trump, theyContinue reading “The not-so-special relationship”

Watching the election results like a pro (bonus)

It’s election day! You’ve probably heard a lot of confusing things about the election tonight, including that we’re not likely to know the results for days and weeks. But as this short bonus episode explains, that’s not necessarily true. If you know how to interpret the results like a pro, then there’s a good chanceContinue reading “Watching the election results like a pro (bonus)”

The U.S.-China relationship

The U.S.-China relationship is probably the most important bilateral relationship in the world. Yet in recent years it has been coming under pressure. There’s been a trade war, a war of words over the South China Sea, and a battle of narratives over who is to blame for the coronavirus. At the same time, China has been causingContinue reading “The U.S.-China relationship”