Heading for a landslide?

If you look at the polls right now, then it looks like Joe Biden is heading for a landslide in the American presidential election. He’s leading handily not only in the national polls, but also in the key swing states that will decide the election. And many of the factors which made it possible for Trump to pull out a narrow win in 2016 – including a large number of voters who were still undecided – are just not present this year.

But are there other factors which we’re missing? After all, Trump looked like he was headed for a defeat in 2016 before pulling it out of the bag at the last moment. That’s one of the things we talk about in this episode. But the other is a question that is generally discussed much less, even though it’s potentially so much more important – what would it mean if the polls are completely right? If the Democrats win in a landslide, American politics is about to fundamentally change in ways that are hard to imagine after four years of Trump. This episode explores what those ways are.

For this episode, I was joined by Karin Robinson. Karin was Barack Obama’s regional field director in Northern Europe in the 2008 campaign, working to increase voting among expatriates. She has also twice been elected as vice-chair of Democrats Abroad UK. With her long history in Democratic Party politics and deep understanding of the European context, she was the perfect person with whom to have this discussion. Enjoy.


Host – Andy Gawthorpe

Designer/advisor – Janice Killion

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