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As the first European-based podcast dedicated to understanding the United States, we are staking out a new space in the media ecosystem. America Explained is new. It will evolve. But its guiding principles will always be: truth, not lies; informed, but not insular; topical, but not a slave to the news cycle. Read more about our vision.

Hosted by the historian and political commentator Andy Gawthorpe, each fortnightly episode features analysis and interviews which help you understand a key issue in a way the regular news cycle never will. And if something really big happens in-between, we’ll drop a bonus episode to keep you up to date.

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Plague, disaster, and scandal

It often seemed over the last four years that with so much media attention focused on Donald Trump’s daily outrages, there was little oxygen left for more normal types of political scandal. But the coronavirus and the monster winter storm which recently battered the United States have left many state governors trapped in a quagmireContinue reading “Plague, disaster, and scandal”

American exceptionalism

Americans have always liked to believe that their country is special – or, as the phrase goes, exceptional. And as a consequence of believing that their country is exceptional, many Americans have also believed that it has a uniquely uplifting and moral role to play in international affairs. But in Donald Trump, America has had aContinue reading “American exceptionalism”

Biden’s agenda

Insurrections be damned, Joe Biden is now the president of the United States. In this episode we take a look at the three big policy issues he is moving on early – immigration, the environment, and the economy. We dissect his proposals, their chances of success – and how what he learned from the ObamaContinue reading “Biden’s agenda”

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