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As the first European-based podcast dedicated to understanding the United States, we are staking out a new space in the media ecosystem. America Explained is new. It will evolve. But its guiding principles will always be: truth, not lies; informed, but not insular; topical, but not a slave to the news cycle. Read more about our vision.

Hosted by the historian and political commentator Andy Gawthorpe, each fortnightly episode features analysis and interviews which help you understand a key issue in a way the regular news cycle never will. And if something really big happens in-between, we’ll drop a bonus episode to keep you up to date.

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Biden, the U.S., and China

*** Check out the America Explained Substack newsletter for a few written posts a month on the big issues in U.S. politics and foreign policy and no extra spam *** After nearly a year in office, how has the Biden administration changed U.S.-China relations? And what sort of legacy was left by Donald Trump? InContinue reading “Biden, the U.S., and China”

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