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As the first European-based podcast dedicated to understanding the United States, we are staking out a new space in the media ecosystem. America Explained is new. It will evolve. But its guiding principles will always be: truth, not lies; informed, but not insular; topical, but not a slave to the news cycle. Read more about our vision.

Hosted by the historian and political commentator Andy Gawthorpe, each fortnightly episode features analysis and interviews which help you understand a key issue in a way the regular news cycle never will. And if something really big happens in-between, we’ll drop a bonus episode to keep you up to date.

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Joe Manchin’s America

On Sunday, the Democratic Senator from West Virginia dropped a bombshell. Joe Manchin said he will refuse to vote for any legislation to advance or protect voting rights in America unless ten Republican senators back it as well – an impossibly high bar, particularly at a time when Republicans all over the country are pushingContinue reading “Joe Manchin’s America”

Are the Democrats anti-Israel?

As violence shook the Middle East over the past few weeks, a debate was raging in the United States over American support for Israel. It has seemed to many observers that the Democratic Party is increasingly turning against Israel. This episode breaks down the party’s debate over Israel and argues that less has changed thanContinue reading “Are the Democrats anti-Israel?”


It’s no secret that American politics has been filled with rage in recent years. On cable news, on social media feeds, at demonstrations, riots and insurrections, a seemingly limitless supply of anger has been spilling into view. But what are the consequences of this rage for the health of American democracy? My guest today, StevenContinue reading “RAGE!!!”

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